We deal with all offences in Scotland, from minor road traffic incidents to serious High Court offences.

All Scottish Courts

We are able to provide both private and legal aid representation for all Scottish Courts – Justice of the Peace/Sheriff/High.

Police Stations

We can advise you with detention procedure and any interviews under caution.

Prison Visits

We are able to help, whether it is regarding appeals, parole procedure or general representation.


Mr Harley qualified as a Solicitor in 1973 and a decade later formed Harley and Co. With over thirty years experience in advising and representing accused persons throughout the Scottish Judicial System he has developed a strong reputation within the legal profession.


Roy Harley graduated LL.B at Aberdeen University and qualified as a Solicitor in 1973. After a decade of working predominantly in criminal defence firms in Edinburgh, Roy set up this Firm in 1983 and thereafter has been instrumental in its successes since then. Roy is fluent in French and assists the French Consul in Edinburgh as "Avocat du Consulat" and regularly represents French nationals who find themselves in difficulties in Scotland.


With a long history and some well documented high profile successes, Harley and Company continue to provide expert legal representation to all clients irrespective of case type and severity. As recently as 2016 Harley and Company had a 100% aquittal rates for Jury Trials in Edinburgh that year.

Legal Services1

  • Speeding Offence
  • Drink Driving
  • Assaults
  • Theft & Fraud

Legal Services2

  • Sexual Offences
  • Domestic Disputes & Violence
  • Crimes of Dishonesty
  • Public Disorder



Scots law is unique and is universally regarded as being 'fair' mainly because of the requirement for there to be 'corroboration' ( confirmation), to obviate proof by evidence of a single witness/source. Whilst this principle has been somewhat eroded of late, it remains a cornerstone of every prosecution in this country. In Scotland also we still have the eminently sensible verdict of 'Not Proven', which although it defies judicial definition, applies where a jury are not satisfied with a conviction. Despite the Scottish parliament producing incessant new legislation, with our experience we stay abreast of the new Acts whilst placing them into the context of our daily Court appearances.


Do you know your rights? How long can the police detain you for a suspected offence, prior to bringing you to Court (or releasing you)? What access do you have to a Solicitor, whether it be by phone or personal attendance? Can you refuse to be interviewed? (yes, you can). And what can you say if interviewed? If appropriate, we can emphasise part of the terms of the caution you MUST be given by the Police-that you are 'NOT OBLIGED TO SAY ANYTHING...', and you can simply 'No Comment' all questions other than your name, address and date of birth. Each case is different however, and a different approach might be advocated by us.

Traffic Offences

Our expertise can be called upon to defend serious Road Traffic Offences of causing death by careless/dangerous driving, as well as lesser offences. With the drink /driving limit being reduced some prior defences have now evaporated, but we can still advise and assist in minimising the effects of the inevitable disqualification on conviction. With the proliferation of speeding cameras it is difficult for even the most prudent driver not to make a mistake and get caught. For repeated offenders facing 'totting -up' bans, we might be able to employ an 'exceptional hardship ' argument which might keep you on the road.


Although situated in the heart of Edinburgh, we can represent you throughout Scotland. We appreciate what is at stake, and undertake to make every effort to be available in your time of need.